New search options, pinning options, and more

Our latest updates to Typetalk include:

Support for quotes in search queries

You can now search for exact phrases with the addition of quotes around your search query in Typetalk, e.g., “Marketing event”.

This makes it easier to create highly targeted searches in Typetalk when you are looking for particular keywords and phrases.

Exclusion word can be specified in search word

You can also now narrow your search results by excluding certain words with a minus sign/hyphen (-) before a term, e.g. Event -Marketing.

Pinning now available for All Topics

We introduced the pinning feature for My Topics, but we’ve decided to make it available on your All Topics page as well.

Recently joined topics will no longer disappear

When you’re added to a new topic, those topics automatically appear in the Recently joined topics group on your My Topics page. Previously, they would disappear from this list after two weeks, but we’ve decided to keep them there instead. This way, users can continue to use them in this group, move them to a new group, or remove them from My Topics whenever they want.

Improved Dark Theme

We have adjusted the text color, icon color, and background color of new messages to make things easier to see in the dark theme. If you have tired eyes and have not tried the dark theme, check it out.

Dark theme

We hope you enjoy these latest improvements and look forward to delivering more in the future!

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