Old onboarding topics in Typetalk to expire Nov 22nd

We’re always looking for ways to improve Typetalk for our users. This time, we’ve got some updates regarding the onboarding topic you get when you create an account, the topic settings UI, and auto-scrolling and loading.

Read on for details.

Onboarding Topic in Typetalk

In short, we will be deleting all onboarding topics starting November 22nd. All new users will see their onboarding topic expire after one week.

What is the onboarding topic?

The first time you use the Typetalk app, there’s an onboarding Topic automatically created for you by our very own T-bot. In this topic, T-bot shares a few quick tips to help you get to know the app.

Once you’ve mastered those tips, poor T-bot’s topic usually ends up spending the rest of its life quietly sitting in the “All” section of your Topics. It’s about time we set an expiration for this little guys Topic.

What’s going to change?

For new users, this means T-bots onboarding Topic will expire one week after it’s created. To remind users, we’re adding info about deleting this topic into the Topic Description.

Typetalk Onboarding Topic

For existing users, we will begin deleting onboarding topics starting November 22nd. That means any messages or attachments in the Topic will also be deleted.

We realize that some users have cleverly used the onboarding topic for their own uses, such as private memos and reminders. If you’re one of these innovative users, please create another topic for this purpose before November 22nd, and migrate anything you need.

Why delete it?

While some users have found a purpose for it, for most it’s just cluttering up the number of Topics they have to keep track of. Getting rid of the onboarding topic after you’ve learned how to use the app just makes sense!

New topic settings UI

Following our release of the updated UI for adding topics, we’re now updating the Topic Settings page. The new UI makes it easier to understand and change your Topic Settings.

Topic Settings 1

Topic Settings 2

Topic Settings 3

Topic Settings 4

Auto-scrolling and loading

We’ve also updated how your messages act when the Typetalk window isn’t selected. Now, messages will automatically load and scroll.

Auto load and scroll

If you’ve enabled our new Always on Top feature, this will be especially handy.

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