Paid plans get 10x the file storage & updates to the Typetalk for iOS app

We’ve got some great updates today related to video:

  • For all paid plans: file size limits when uploading have increased 10x for all plans!
  • For iOS users: you can now upload video files on the Typetalk for iOS mobile app!

Plus, more file types than ever now work with an inline display on iOS.

10x the file size limit for uploads on all paid plans

We’ve changed the file uploading limit to 10x what it was before for all plans. That means if you are on the plan for 100 users, your file size limit when uploading was increased from 100GB to 1TB!

Upload more images at once and longer videos than ever.

File size limits:

Plan Before Now
Standard10 10 GB 100 GB
Standard25 25 GB 250 GB
Standard50 50 GB 500 GB
Standard75 75 GB 750 GB
Standard100 100 GB 1 TB

Note: Videos are not compressed. When watching or uploading a long video on a mobile, be sure to connect to Wifi to avoid using up your data.

How to upload a video file on Typetalk for iOS

To upload a video file, tap the + icon in the message field — same as you would upload an image file. Then select the videos you want to upload.

Inline attachments for iOS

Finally, the iOS app now supports inline display for the following attachment types:

  • PDF
  • iWork Documents
  • Microsoft Office Documents
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • CSV

We hope you enjoy these latest updates! Feel free to contact us with any feedback or requests.

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