New search UI for exploring topics and messages on Typetalk for Android

We’re always updating our mobile apps for Typetalk to make sure users can communicate with ease wherever they are. For our latest updates to the Typetalk for Android app, we’ve updated the search UI, made it so you can view your topic members, and made it simple to open Backlog from a Talk.

Updated search UI

You can now search both topics and messages using the search icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the app. Just type in your search words, and you can select or switch between the “All topics” and “Messages” tabs.

Typetalk_Updated search ui_1Typetalk_Updated search ui_2

View topic members

You can now view your list of topic members, including seeing who is currently online.

Typetalk_Show topic members

Open Backlog from a Talk

When you view a #Talk in Typetalk, you can now see which Backlog issues are linked to it. And you can open those Backlog issues right from the Talk menu.

Typetalk_Open Backlog from a Talk_1Typetalk_Open Backlog from a Talk_2


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