New setting lets you hide the body message for desktop notifications

Every few weeks we like to update you on the latest new features coming to Typetalk. This week, we have:

Copy topic URL + talk URL

Previously, if you were a desktop app user, it was difficult to copy these URLs, so we decided to add them to the ‘more’ button.

Now, you can copy a topic URL or talk URL to share using the ‘more’ button in the header bar.

Typetalk Topic Settings

For convenience, we’ve also added a link to the Topic Settings here.

Hide body message for desktop notifications

Desktop notifications are great when you’re working alone at your computer, but can be troublesome if someone else is viewing your screen with you. If you often get sensitive messages by being mentioned or directly messaged, you may want to take advantage of this new option to hide the body message of your desktop notifications.

Under your notification settings, simply uncheck the “Show body message” box, and your desktop notifications will no longer populate this information.

Typetalk desktop notifications

Add #Talks when editing messages

Previously, you couldn’t add Talks when editing a message — you had to do a separate operation to add them. Now, you can add Talks (even while editing) by simply typing in the associated hashtag.

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