Show your team when you’re available with the new user status feature

Sometimes you need to tell your team a little more than whether you’re online and offline. You may want everyone to know you’re in a meeting, busy concentrating on an important task for the next hour, or out on vacation for the week. With the new user status feature, you can make sure your team knows when you’re available, when you’re not, and why.

How to set your user status

Click on your user icon in the sidebar, and then click on the status box with the text “What’s happening?” in it.

You can select a pre-created status or make your own. Then select an emoji, duration for your status, and notification preferences.

Edit user status

Viewing statuses

When someone sets a status, an emoji will appear next to their name in messages while the status is active. Click on their user icon for details.

Moss status


While chat apps allow us to communicate from anywhere at any time, they can create distraction and stress when they aren’t managed correctly. Now, you’ll never have to worry about getting distracted during meetings or while you’re away on vacation again.

In fact, we think disconnected from time to time is so important that the following are the statuses have notifications disabled by default:

  • Meeting
  • Busy
  • On vacation
  • Out sick
  • Lunch

Disable all notifications

Of course, you can easily enable them by unchecking the appropriate box when setting your status.


Set your status from your mobile device whenever you want to communicate your status on the go.


The new user status feature will help eliminate distraction and increase transparency.

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