‘Talks’ are now ‘Tags’ in Typetalk — use a hashtag to add them

Tags used to be called Talks, but we’re renaming them for clarity and ease of understanding with the new hashtagging action.

For easy reference to particular messages within a Typetalk topic, just tag it. Add a hashtag to the message, and it will automatically link to other messages with the same tag or create a new tag if there isn’t one yet.


Using Typetalk’s tag feature

Use tags for easy referencing to particular events, subtopics, message, types and more! Simply write out your message, hashtag the word you’d like to associate with the message, and send.

Even your bots can create a tag with the Typetalk API — the API scope can create a tag from “topic.write” to “topic.post”. See more details on the API document.

Keep the following limitations in mind when in using this feature:

  • If you edit your message tag after sending, the tag will not change.
  • Your tag cannot contain spaces
  • Hashtags don’t work when placed inside the quote or source code notation

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