The new & improved Backlog integration for Typetalk

For our Typetalk users who also subscribe to Backlog, the Backlog integration is a useful tool for working across both tools. We decided to enhance this experience with a richer UI and more display options, so you can get more out of every notification.

Please note: To use the new Backlog integration, you will need to remove the old one first. Then add the new one.

The new & improved Backlog integration

The new integration has all the same great capabilities as the old, but the sleeker UI makes it easier to see who’s involved and get to the details you need most.

Profile icons

You’ll notice a profile icon now appears for the notifier of each update, making it easy to quickly understand who’s involved in each notification.

New Backlog integrationClick on the notifiers icon, and you can see detailed information about the user.

Collapse/expand details

You’ll also notice a new option that lets you collapse or expand your notification details. For issues that tend to contain lengthy details, you can choose to collapse issue details by default. And you can change this setting based on your needs without affecting others.

Notification settingsTo change your default setting, click the settings icon next to the “Backlog” title of the notification.

Integration requirements & limitations

There are a few things you should know about using the new integration:

  • To install the new integration, you will need to uninstall the old one first.
  • To use the new integration, your organization must have Backlog space associated with a Nulab Account.
  • Previously, you could integrate with multiple Backlog organizations. The new integration will only integrate with your own organization. 
  •  If you are on the Backlog Classic Plan, you cannot use the new integration; however, you can continue using the old one.
  • Previously there were settings available in both Typetalk and Backlog for managing this integration. To make things simpler, all settings for the integration will be found in Backlog.

To add the new Typetalk integration:

  • From Backlog, go to Project Settings > Integration > Backlog.
  • From Typetalk, go to Topic Settings > Integration > Backlog.
  • Remove the old Backlog integration, and add the new one.

May all your new Backlog notifications be helpful and easy to read!

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