Twitter URLs now display images and videos in Typetalk

We have updates to Typetalk’s Android and web/desktop apps with this release, including:

  • Likes Activity is now available for Android users!
  • Twitter URLs now display images, videos, and cards
  • Nulab account language settings now sync with Typetalk

Likes Activity now available on Android app

Tracking your Likes on Typetalk is a fun way to stay engaged and a useful tool for acknowledging important messages. Web app users enjoy this feature, which is why we recently released it on iOS and promised the same update for our Android users. Well today is the day!

Now Android users can see what Likes they’ve received and given, as well as discover popular messages in their Topics.


Likes Activity

Likes Activity


Twitter links display photos, videos, and cards

We’ve also made Twitter links more useful and interactive by automatically showing photos, videos, and cards when you post your Twitter URL in a Topic.

No more clicking links to check out the images or videos someone is sharing.

Twitter URLs in Typetalk

Nulab account language settings sync with Typetalk

Our final update helps keep your Nulab account settings synced with Typetalk. Starting now when you set your language setting with Nulab account, Typetalk will automatically synchronize to your new setting. To change the language settings for Typetalk, simply go to your Nulab profile, and select the language you wish to use.

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