Typetalk adds “Always on Top” option for desktop app

Our latest Typetalk release includes:

  • Always on Top and Empty caches options for the desktop app,
  • A simpler UI for adding topics,
  • Automatically linked Backlog keys within topic descriptions,
  • Plus new FAQs and an API.

Desktop app updates

Always on top

Now you can keep your Typetalk desktop app on top of your other windows at all times. Enable the option by clicking the “Window” item from your top menu and then selecting the “Always on Top” option.

Always on Top


Empty caches

You can also now clear the caches of your desktop app. To clear your cache, click the “Typetalk” item from your top menu and then select the “Empty Caches” option.

Empty Caches

New UI for adding topics

We updated UI for adding topic function. Now, you can add new topic more smoothly.

New Topic UI.

Link Backlog keys in topic descriptions

Now when you add Backlog issues to your topic descriptions, the Backlog issue key will link automatically.

Backlog keys in Topic Description

FAQ updates

We added two new FAQs to our support center.

What are the source IP Addresses for Typetalk Webhook?
We understand that customers need to be sure they’re only allowing access to their system from trusted sources. This FAQ contains the IP addresses you should allow to grant webhook access from Typetalk.

Can I change the background color?
Late last year we introduced the Dark Theme to Typetalk. This FAQ helps you navigate between Light and Dark theme options for your window background.

Search Messages API

The latest addition to our open API is for searching messages. With this API, you can search through Typetalk messages using another application your team developed.

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