Typetalk adds new mobile notification settings, Giphy support, and more

Our latest Typetalk release includes:

  • A new mobile Settings option to receive notifications about your Favorite Topics for iOS,
  • Support for Giphy URLs in-app,
  • Support for our Copy URL feature on Safari, plus
  • Improved performance & bug fixes.

Read on for details.

Receive mobile notifications for Favorite Topics on iOS

Previously, the badge on your iOS app icon only notified you about mentions and direct messages. We received many user requests for the option to get notified about unread Favorite Topic messages. So we’ve added a new option available in your Settings where you can select to include unread Favorite Topics in your badge count on iOS.

Simply go to your Settings page in the app, and turn on the option to “Receive notifications of new messages from favorite topics.”

Once enabled, your badge count will include unread messages from any of your Favorite Topics in Typetalk.



Badge Number

Support for Giphy URLs

Everyone loves a good GIF, and we’re making it easier to share your favorite GIF’s from the most popular GIF database out there: Giphy.

Typetalk now supports Giphy URLs in-app! To add a GIF to your message, simply paste a Giphy URL and hit enter; the image will automatically display and animate.


Support Copy URL feature on Safari

We previously released this feature to Chrome and Firefox. Now we’re releasing it for our Safari users, too.

Copy URL

Add Operation Log feature

We have started to track operational information like when users change topic descriptions, add talks, post, and more. We’ll be creating fun, new ways to share this info with you in the future.

Improved performance & bug fixes

Your Topic lists now load faster. You can search messages with attachments more quickly. Plus, we’ve fixed a lot of bugs reported by our helpful users.

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