Typetalk adds new paid plan tiers for smaller teams

Today we added a few new tiers to our pricing for smaller teams (ie those under 50). Typetalk now has plans for teams of 10, 25, and 50 — in addition to the other team sizes previously available.

With more tier options, small teams don’t have to worry about upgrading to plans that feel too far above their current user number. Your team can now have a plan option that just right for you!

Pricing for small teams

*Pricing is unaffected for existing paid plans.

Plan Pricing
Standard5 (NEW) 10 USD
Standard10 20 USD
Standard15 (NEW) 27 USD
Standard20 (NEW) 34 USD
Standard25 40 USD
Standard30 (NEW) 48 USD
Standard40 (NEW) 64 USD
Standard50 80 USD

There are no changes to plans for teams larger than 50.

How your team can save

Previously, if your organization had more than 10 people using Typetalk, you had to upgrade to our Standard25 plan. Now you can upgrade to Standard15 or Standard 20, reducing your costs and unnecessary unused spots on your team account.

You can now upgrade — or downgrade — your plan today!

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