Typetalk releases API

Following the official launch of Typetalk this week, we’ve also released the developer page to share Typetalk API with developers who want to integrate Typetalk with their applications. Take advantage of Typetalk’s exciting team communication platform and build new, extraordinary apps or enhance existing ones.

What can I do with Typetalk API?

With Typetalk API, you can retrieve your Typetalk profile, post and read messages, upload attachments and receive Typetalk notifications etc.

Get started

1. Register your application on the Developer Application page.

2. Obtain API access token. Grant Type must be specified during registration. Select Client Credentials if only you are accessing the application for your personal use. Select Authorization Code if there are more than one user accessing the app. The Typetalk API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization.

3. Access Typetalk’s API with access tokens.

What else?

Check out the usage samples available for Python, Ruby, Shell Script, Objective-C and Scala. Also, do check back with us, as we will share some cool plugins made with Typetalk API very soon.



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