Typetalk for iOS expands the power of the topic menu

Our latest updates to the Typetalk for iOS app focus on making more features available for managing topics including viewing members of a topic (and seeing who’s online), searching for talks, and copying a topic’s URL.

The expanded topic menu

The topic menu previously available on Typetalk for iOS was quite limited, only allowing you to control the topic description and topic settings as well as view the list of talks available in the topic. We’ve expanded this menu to several more features that give you greater control of your topics on-the-go.

The new topic menu on Typetalk for iOS

Note: To view your topic menu, click on the upper-right-hand ‘more’ menu when viewing a topic.

View topic members

You can now view your list of topic members on Typetalk for iOS, including viewing who is currently online.

View topic members on Typetalk for iOS

Search for talks

Previously, you could view the talks available in your topic as a list. However, some topics contain so many talks that scrolling to find the correct one can be a pain. We decided to add a search option, so you can now search for your talk of choice by name.

Search talks on Typetalk for iOS

Copy topic url

In addition, you can now copy a topic’s url to easily share it with others.

Additional updates

In addition to the above, you can also move topics to different topic groups and pin topics temporarily when you get notifications.

We have expanded the topic description maximum length from 1000 characters to 2000.

And finally, you will notice that the UI for your alert messages has been redesigned to be uniform with our other Nulab services.

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