Typetalk gets a new top-level domain: Typetalk.com

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to change Typetalk’s top-level domain (TLD). typetalk.in will become typetalk.com on Sunday, September 10th.

Why change to typetalk.com?

Simple: typetalk.com provides a more straightforward web address for our users.

People are accustomed to seeing “.com” when navigating a website. It’s the most well-recognized TLD on the block.

It’s also more easily identified by search engines, which is important for searchers and us. Search engines want to provide their audience with the most relevant search results. And when people are searching for awesome messaging apps, we want to be there!

Bottom line: we want Nulab‘s products to be readily available to current and future users.

What happens to typetalk.in?

To make sure we don’t lose anyone along the way, we’ll be keeping typetalk.in. But we’ll be automatically redirecting it to typetalk.com.

Consequently, if you navigate to any link previously found on typetalk.in, you’ll redirect to the same content located on our new TLD, typetalk.com.

Are there any changes in the app?

After we switch to our new TLD, you will need to enable desktop notification again when you access the Typetalk desktop app. Aside from that, everything in the app will be the same.


What about links I have to the old TLD?

Existing links to typetalk.in will remain intact. So if you linked to typetalk.in somewhere on your website, blog, or social media, don’t worry; you will be able to see and access the link as usual.

What about our API?

(Attn: Developers) We are not redirecting our API endpoints. Therefore, there should be no impact to your favorite integrations. Bots, Backlog, Cacoo, etc. can continue to use our API without interruption.

What important dates/times do I need to know?

We will have a quick maintenance time (about 20 minutes) on Sunday, September 10th at 6 PM EST (22:00 UTC). After that, we’re good to go!


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