Typetalk launches ‘Access Log’ add-on

When it comes to our chat app Typetalk, security is our priority. We at Nulab understand that your team discussions are important to your business, and we want you to use Typetalk with the utmost confidence that your information is safe.

That’s why we’re launching a new add-on perfect for businesses with compliance requirements. You can now have your Organization’s access logs delivered to you on a monthly basis with our Access Log add-on.

How it works

With the Access Log add-on, you will receive a CSV file containing your prior months aggregated access information, including a(n):

Access log of your web server

Column Description
timestamp Date and time
host Access source IP address
req HTTP method and request path
status HTTP status code
size Size
referer Referer
ua User agent
spacekey Space key
accountid Typetalk account ID

Processed access log of your web server

Column Description
Date Date and time
IP address Access source IP address
Path HTTP method and request path
Status HTTP status code
Size Size
Referer Referer
User agent User agent
Space key Space key
Account ID Typetalk account ID
Unique ID Typetalk unique ID

You can download a sample of what this report will look like here.


Our latest add-on is available for $50/month (plus tax) to our Standard plan subscribers.

When you sign-up, the subscription period will be the same as your existing plan.

How to sign-up

If you would like your access logs delivered to you each month, please use our contact form providing the following information:

  • Your email address: please use the email address associated with your Typetalk’s payment administrator
  • Subject: “Request Access Log add-on”
  • Description: your Organization’s name

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