Typetalk launches desktop app!

Today, we are proud to announce the release of our desktop app for Mac and Windows.

Typetalk for Desktop MainTypetalk app for Mac

Desktop app for Mac and Windows

Start at Login

The app, by default, starts at login and has an icon that stays in the menu bar. You never miss messages since you don’t need to open a web browser.

Unread Messages

Like with email apps, Typetalk shows how many unread messages you have (from favorited topics and mentions). This will appear as a circled number on the Dock icon, Mac menu bar (as a small black dot), and taskbar (Windows, as a small dot).

Typetalk for Desktop BadgeTypetalk app in the dock


Closing the Window

As long as you do not quit or end the Typetalk desktop app, you will still see desktop notifications and the number of unread messages even if the Typetalk window is closed. We make sure you never miss important messages.

Typetalk for Desktop NotificationDesktop Notifications

We originally developed this desktop chat app to have the same functions as the web app. However, we also decided to develop new functions found only in the desktop app.


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