Typetalk launches paid plans!

We are excited to announce the launch of Typetalk’s paid plans! When you subscribe, paid plans give you the ability to add more users, use more storage, and access unlimited features.

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About paid plans for Typetalk

The free plan today allows up to 10 users and limits your account to 1GB of storage, 5 integrations, and 10,000 searchable messages.

With paid plans, you have four options based on the number of users and storage size you need. Nevertheless, all paid plans have unlimited integrations, searchable messages, and message exporting.

The monthly price for an organization based on users is as follows:

  • Free plan (10 users) Free
  • Starter plan (10 users) $20
  • Basic plan (25 users) $40
  • Standard plan (50 users) $80
  • Premium plan (100 users) $150

Furthermore, all monthly paid plans will offer a free 30-day trial. And the first two months of service are free with subscription to an annual plan.

For more information, please visit our pricing and FAQ pages.

Changes to login

Typetalk members are now managed within the Nulab Account organization system. Users with a Nulab Account can access not only Typetalk, but also Cacoo and Backlog with the same login credentials.

Administrators will find that the switch makes it easier to manage users across apps. New users will no longer have to be added to each individual topic; they will automatically be added to topics in the All Members group.

Integration with Nulab Account also:

  • Reduces administrative tasks,
  • Reduces accounting time with one bill for all services, and
  • Increases convenience and provides better user security.

What this means for current users

If you are a current user of Typetalk, your administrator will need to switch to the new system. Rest assured migrating to the new system will not cause any service disruptions and all your topics will still be available. Here’s how the switch will work:

  1. Administrator will create an organization using the wizard—a feature that will pop-up after logging in to Typetalk—to migrate topics and members.
  2. Users will automatically migrate to topics within the organization.

Private topics will also migrate to the new system and remain accessible only by the users within that topic. We are planning to develop a feature that will allow administrators to export all messages for all topics, including private topics. Later on, we will provide more details of this upcoming feature.

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