Typetalk introduces @all and @here mentions, plus Webhook

Our latest Typetalk update include new mention features and a new webhook option.


When you type “@” to add a mention, you will see @all and @here have been added to the bottom of the suggestion list.

mention-area-en@all – Notify all members in the topic

If you are using Typetalk at work, there are many instances for which you would want to notify everyone in a topic. At that time, please try using the @all feature. You can avoid individually mentioning every team member’s name when making large announcements.

@here – Notify online members in the topic

There are many situations in which I want to notify everyone, but I don’t want to bother people that are taking the day off. At that time, please try using the @here feature.

@here only notifies users who are online and have Typetalk open.

A webhook option to send messages without mentions

Previously, we had implemented the “Use webhook” option for the bot, but the webhook could receive only the messages with mentions. Until now, that is.

We have now released the “All messages” option for webhook. When selecting this option, Typetalk sends all messages to your webhook API.


As a result, attendance management system「 Hello Goodbye」and Typetalk can work together without mentions.

Now, you can more freely create bots for Typetalk (e.g., a bot that reacts to a specified keywords).


Access to the clipboard

This has changed from Flash to Clipboard API of JavaScript.


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