Announcing Typetalk’s official launch!

Thanks to the support and feedback of our helpful Beta users, we have improved Typetalk continuously throughout the past few months.

We’re extremely proud to finally announce its official launch!


Group discussions are never boring with Typetalk.

Tailored to make remote team collaboration an effortless and engaging experience, Typetalk is an instant messaging business chat tool that lets you keep track of work or personal discussions with your coworkers, family, and friends by creating multiple categorized topics for specific group conversations, or receive invitations from other Typetalk members to participate in existing topics.

Typetalk includes features such as:

  • ‘@ mention’ tagging system to easily specify and notify people in messages
  • topic filtering to organize and prioritize important topics
  • message archiving system called ‘Talks’ for keeping track of note-worthy conversations
  • wide categories of emoticons to brighten up your conversations
  • ‘Like’ button to express yourself quickly and easily
  • drag-and-drop file uploader for easy sharing of pictures and files

Ready to add some fun to your group discussions? Start Typetalkin’ now!

Typetalk is also now available on iOS and Android so you can bring your discussions with you on-the-go. Get Typetalk mobile:

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