‘Direct Messaging’ is coming to Typetalk

We are pleased to announce that Typetalk will finally be adding a new Direct Message feature that supports one-on-one chat.

Initially, Typetalk did not include direct messaging because we deeply believe that transparency is key to productive and efficient collaboration. However, we realized sometimes transparency is limiting. For example, it made it impossible to plan a surprise party. It also made it difficult to have conversations about confidential information, like expenses or HR concerns. After discussing this, we decided to bring direct messaging to Typetalk, enabling private conversations.

Direct Message Via User Profile

User profiles can be viewed by clicking on the user icon that is visible to the left of a posted message in a topic. You can check the details and online status of a user on their pop-up profile. And from within the user profile, you will be able to start a direct message by clicking the “Send DM” button.


Search for a User

By clicking the email icon on the left toolbar, you will be able to see a list of members who you have already talked with through direct message. To start a direct message with a member that you have not previously DMed before, use the search field at the top of the email icon menu to search for the user.

Only members who have joined in the same topic with you will appear in the search field. Likewise, you can only start direct messages with a member who is already part of a mutual topic. User icons will appear opaque when offline and will appear in full color when online.


Migration to Direct Message

We are supporting the migration of private topics to direct messages. When you start a new direct message with somebody who you had previously created a private topic with, this topic will migrate from a private topic in the original topic list to the direct message list.

Please note the direct message cannot be restored and changed back to a normal topic once it migrates over.


Support on Mobile Application

Of course direct messaging will also be available on iOS and Android!

Direct messaging is certainly useful,  but other members will miss out on the conversation.  Enjoy the direct messaging, but please continue to collaborate openly with your team through group topics!?

Other Updates

We have also added “Reply” and “Copy URL” features into the “more options” button on the right of each message posting.



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