Typetalk premiers ‘Likes Activity’ feature

Our new “Likes Activity” feature has been released on Typetalk! Simply click the heart icon on the left-hand sidebar to view recent likes!

Likes Activity has three categories: RECEIVE, GIVE and DISCOVER. In Receive, you can view your messages that have been liked. Knowing that your accomplishments are being recognized by your team members will keep you motivated to do good work!


In Give, you can view the messages that you have liked. This is a great way to bookmark messages and keep track of important communications.


In Discover, you can view all messages that have been liked. Never miss a milestone or popular message again!


You will easily notice new like activity. When a team member likes a message, their avatar will spin over the heart icon. A green notification will appear on the heart icon when one of your messages receives a new like.

Other updates

  • Improved topic filter UI
  • Added keyboard shortcut to switch between topic filter tabs (Alt + Shift + Left/Right)

Have even more fun Typetalkin’ with our new Likes Activity feature!


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