Typetalk releases redesigned website!

Earlier this year, Nulab underwent a big rebranding which included updates to all of our products. Since then, we’ve continued to roll out updates to our various product websites to reflect the modern face of Nulab, which brings us to today’s big reveal: the new Typetalk website!

What’s new on Typetalk.com

Typetalk’s new website provides comprehensive information on features, customer stories, integrations, product updates, and more. Visitors can explore up-to-date information on our product offering, get easy access to support, download the app for desktop and mobile devices, and subscribe to a plan with ease.

We’ve updated existing pages to reflect the modern experience of the product. We’ve also added new pages to provide a full scope of what Typetalk can do.

We added a Features page to highlight the key features users love. We’ve continued to add new features through the years, and now you can see them all in one place.

With our new Customer Stories pages, you can see how businesses and teams like yours are using Typetalk to increase productivity, improve communication, and manage workflows across industries.

Our new Integrations page highlights the integrations we currently provide, as well as six new examples of integrations you can create with bots and webhooks using Typetalk’s open API.

On top of all that, Typetalk now has a blog of its very own! You’ll get the same quality posts about product updates and communication tips & tricks as we used to post on our Nulab blog. But now they’ll be delivered right on the Typetalk website—and your inbox, if you subscribe!

Before/after typetalk website

About Typetalk

Typetalk is a chat app built for team collaboration. Conversations take place in targeted chat Topics where your team can share ideas, provide feedback, and keep meaningful project discussions alive.

Those conversations become a living archive of the decisions your team makes. Using the search function, you can find old messages, attachments, or mentions, promoting accountability and trackability.

But there’s more to work than getting things done fast. You also want to boost team connections with our socially engaging functionality. GIPHY and YouTube URL support allow you to share GIFs and videos with your coworkers. Emojis provide a lighthearted way to express yourself online. And Likes make it easy to acknowledge messages or show support for your team. You can track your own Likes and mentions in your Likes Activity tab, the same way you would on social media.

Connect when you need to, and disconnect when it matters with Do Not Disturb. You can enable or schedule repeated blocks of time to disconnect.

Whether you’re continuing a conversation after a long meeting or exchanging ideas before a big presentation, Typetalk keeps your team connected and focused when and where they need to be.


We hope the new website will be useful for all of our Typetalk users, new and old.

Happy chatting!

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