Typetalk debuts new search/filter functions, open APIs, and more!

Since releasing our Backlog Integration earlier this month, we’ve come out with some more Typetalk updates.

New web app features

New search filter function

You can filter your searches by whoever posted the message.


Preview attached videos

We support only MP4 format videos  and their extension must be .mp4, .m4v or .mov.


Copy & paste images

This function is limited to Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. In Chrome, you can copy and paste an image directly in the message input box. In Internet Explore, the toolbox menu has a “Paste image” option.


You can also use hotkeys to create and paste screenshots in the Typetalk message input box.


  • ⌘ + Ctrl + Shift + 3 (Take a screenshot and save it to the clipboard)
  • ⌘ + Ctrl + Shift + 4 (Select an area for your screenshot and save it to the clipboard)


  • Print Screen (Take a screenshot and save it to the clipboard)
  • Alt + Print Screen (Take a screenshot of active window and save it to the clipboard)

New API features

We added the ability to attach files by URL parameter to the Post message API. We also opened Create talk, Update talk, Delete talk, Add message to talk and Remove message from talk APIs.

Plugins and other services

We published useful plugins and services using Typetalk API page. They help make your work and communication more fun. Try them out! Please let us know via Twitter or in the comment section below if you have suggestions for other plugins or services.


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