Typetalk supports landscape mode and multitasking on iPad

We have great news for iPad users: Typetalk now supports landscape mode and multitasking!

Typetalk in landscape mode

When in landscape mode on an iPad, you’ll see topics on the left and messages on the right. Embrace the Typetalk app from every angle.

Landscape on iPad with Typetalk

Multitasking with Typetalk

With multitasking on iPad, you can display Typetalk and other apps on your screen at the same time. Post messages to Typetalk while surfing the web. With multitasking, you can do it all.

Multitasking on iPad with Typetalk

This also means using the Backlog integration while on iPad just got easier. When you tap a Backlog link on Typetalk, you’ll see the information on Backlog iOS app pop up right next to your Typetalk app.

Backlog on iPad with Typetalk

For more info on multitasking, you can visit this Apple support page.

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