Manage Typetalk topics and members on iOS and Android apps

Ever since we launched Typetalk mobile on iOS and Android, we have been working hard to improve its performance and functionality so that it provides the same experience as the web version. Today, we are excited to announce that you can now add and edit topics as well as add and invite members on Typetalk iOS and Android.

Adding and Editing Topics


For those of you who work off Typetalk from your mobile devices a lot, you may have found the need to make more changes to your list of Typetalk topics such as adding new ones when new projects emerge or editing existing ones when there are changes to projects. The great news is you can now do that easily on your mobile device. On the topics page, click on the list icon located in the top right corner of the page to add a new topic. To edit existing topics, swipe a topic name to the left and you will find the option to edit it.

When you add or edit a topic, you will be able to choose a new topic name, select or change the group to use the topic in, as well as invite new members to the topic. Of course, when you are editing a topic, you can also delete it as well.

Inviting Members


With this new function, you won’t have to wait till you are back at your computer to add a new member to your Typetalk topics. Have something urgent that a new member needs to know of immediately? Invite them to Typetalk while you are on the move!  Simply swipe on the topic that you would like to invite new members to and click on Edit. You can key in their Typetalk ID or email address, or alternatively, you can just add them via their email address from your contacts by clicking on the address book icon.

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