Better conversation tracking and link previews

In the previous Typetalk update, we introduced topic filtering, real-time “Like” notifications, and Japanese language support.

 Visual Lines for Conversation Tracking


You are probably familiar now that replying to a message by clicking on the Reply button automatically creates a conversation between you and the other party. In doing so, team members will be notified when they receive replies to their messages. The purpose of a conversation is, therefore, to ensure that important replies don’t get lost and forgotten in a thread even without the use of an @mention.

However, we have noticed that it is often difficult for other members who are not involved in a conversation to discern which messages belong in the same conversation and which ones don’t. When several conversations take place at the same time, it can become incredibly confusing.

To solve this problem, we have added visual lines that connect messages of the same conversation together. Much like how a flowchart works, all connecting lines will lead back to the start of the conversation, so members who are not involved can easily figure out what the buzz is about.

This also makes it easier for members to know offhand who else is taking part in the same conversation as them.

Link Preview

Link Preview

Typetalk provides a thumbnail preview of image files attached in messages, so you can find out what you will be downloading before hand. In a similar fashion, we have now included link previews in messages to let you quickly capture the brief content of a site.

For those of you who have one too many colleagues always eager to share their latest Internet finds, this can save you from clicking links you’re less interested in.


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