Improved notifications on iOS and Android


We have updated Typetalk mobile this week with the addition of push notification settings to let you have greater control over the types of notification you receive, in addition to all @mention notifications that you will receive by default. (Note: push notifications on mobile are enabled only when you are offline on Typetalk’s web application.)



For iOS users, you can choose to turn on notifications for just your favorite topics on Typetalk. Turning it off will let you receive notifications only on mentions. To add or remove a topic from favorites on iOS, long tap or swipe topic name in the topic list.



Android users will find the added options of enabling notifications for favorite topics as well as separating notifications for each new post. Enabling the Separate notifications option will let you receive a notification for each new post and mention received while disabling it combines all incoming notifications into one. To add or remove a topic from favorites on Android, long tap on the topic name in topic list.

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