Typetalk launches mobile app for iOS 7 & Android


We are pleased to announce that Typetalk mobile for iOS and Android has been launched today.

As advocates of remote collaboration, our next big thing is always about creating new channels and improving existing ones to facilitate it. With Typetalk, our objective is to allow users to be able to share and collaborate with their team in a private forum anytime, anywhere. This time, we’re bringing Typetalk to your mobile to let you bring your discussions along with you even when on the move.

Please note that Typetalk mobile currently does not support the full features of the web version. However, more features that are already available on the web version will be progressively rolled out in the near future, so stay tuned with us as we work towards making Typetalk mobile even better for you. Here’s a summary of the main features that you will be able to access on Typetalk mobile:

Main features

  • Message posting
  • Read conversations (with conversation labels)
  • Mention notifications
  • Feedback posting
  • File/image/photo upload
  • Pull for next unread topic
  • English & Japanese language support

To ensure the best experience on Typetalk mobile, we recommend users to upgrade their devices to the latest operating systems. Typetalk has been tested to be compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.0.3 and later.


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