iPad app, GitHub integration, and more!

iPad app optimization

We optimized the Typetalk iPad app. Now you can communicate with a larger screen! Other improvements include a new input design and larger image preview thumbnails.



GitHub Integration

If you haven’t tried our Backlog Integration already, we highly recommend doing so! This time we’re announcing our GitHub Integration. Users get Typetalk notifications for “commit”, “issues”, “pull-request”, and “wiki”. Faster responses raise the quality of your open-source library and create good relations with contributors.

Github Integration SampleGithub Integration Sample

Let us know if there are any services you want integrate with Typetalk! We want to make your Typetalk experience the best possible.

Updated desktop notifications

Desktop notifications now give you the option of occurring only when you get a mention.

Desktop Notification SettingDesktop Notification Setting

Note: Desktop notification settings have moved to the Application Settings page. Desktop notifications are available on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Currently, Internet Explorer doesn’t support the desktop notification.

We are always developing new features! Please give us your feedback.

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