Welcome to the Dark Theme for Typetalk

The default Typetalk design is clean and bright (and we love that about it!), but that brightness can tire your eyes if you find yourself cranking out code late into the night in an otherwise dark room.

That’s why developers tend to love dark app environments, like their trusty editors. They help ease late-night eye strain, and after years of ubiquity, they are close to every developer’s heart. That’s why we decided to create a new, darker Typetalk theme. Now you can match your messaging app to your editor to create a seamless dark display.

Whether you’re a developer or just a night owl, our new Dark Theme is perfect for those late nights and dark settings.

Are you ready to join the dark side? We’re happy to introduce our new Dark Theme for Typetalk.

Typetalk Dark Theme

To enable the Dark Theme:

  1. Go to your “Application Settings” page by clicking your avatar in the left-hand menu.application-settings-in-left-hand-menu
  2. Then, select “Dark” from the drop-down menu of the “Theme” section.theme-section-dark-option
  3. Click the Update button to save your changes, and you’re ready to go!

Rest your weary eyes, and ‘give yourself to the Dark Theme!’


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