Typetalk’s mobile apps get a few improvements

With Typetalk’s mobile apps, you can stay connected to your team wherever you go. Here are a few of the latest improvements we’ve made to our iOS and Android apps.

Typetalk for iOS

On our iOS app, you can enjoy the following updates:

  • The mobile UI lets you @mention other users with one tap.
  • Voice input is available for typing text.
  • You can add line breaks on your mobile keyboard.
  • You can upload files on mobile.

Typetalk for Android

On our Android app, you will now see the following:

  • There’s a new alert dialog when sending @all or @here mentions.
  • You can preview files such as attached PDF files.
  • We’ve added a new display option for mentions — you can choose to display user names instead of unique IDs.

Download Typetalk’s mobile apps today

Along with the above updates, we’ve released a few minor bug fixes and performance improvements for both, so Typetalk’s mobile apps are working more smoothly than ever.

Update your mobile app to the latest version of Typetalk and try it out today!

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