Typetalk plans will change June 14th

We’ve decided to simplify our Typetalk pricing to make things easier for our subscribers (at no cost to you).

What’s different?

We currently offer several plan names including “Starter,” “Basic,” “Standard,” and “Premium.” The main differences between these plans are the max attachment file size and number of users.

Our new pricing plans will only have two names: “Free” and “Standard.” We’ve simplified our plan requirements based solely on the number of users your team has. Also, we’ve added more user group sizes, so teams who have just a few too many people don’t feel like they’re taking such a big jump to the next plan size.

Specifically, we’ve added plans for groups of 75, 125, and 150 users.

Current Plan Name New Plan
Starter Standard (10 users)
Basic Standard (25 users)
Standard Standard (50 users)
Previously N/A Standard (75 users)
Premium Standard (100 users)
Previously N/A Standard (125 users)
Previously N/A Standard (150 users)
Premium 200 Standard (200 users)

What’s the same?

Our pricing is remaining the same. If you stay at your same tier of service, your price does not change.

When does this change take effect?

These changes will officially take effect at 0:00 am UTC on June 14th.

Who is affected by this change?

Users can select our new plan options starting June 14th. Whether you’re changing your plan before your next billing cycle or upgrading from a free trail, you’ll be able to subscribe to our new plans starting then.

What happens to my current plan?

We will not change anyone’s plans automatically. You must elect to make this change. If you’re on one of our current plans, and you like it, you can keep it! Same name, same price.

What happens once I change to one of your new plans?

Administrator’s will notice the updated plan name on their billing page on Nulab Apps and in billing related emails.

How do I upgrade?

If your organization would like to upgrade your plan once our new plan structure is in place, all you have to do is have your administrator select the number of users they would like for the upgrade.


Have any questions or concerns? Contact us. We’re always here to help.

Happy chatting,
Team Typetalk

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