Unpinned topics now return to previous topic group

One of our latest topic management features, pinned topics, has some updates coming to it. Namely, where your topics go when you unpin them.

Unpinning Typetalk topics

Previously, when you unpinned a topic, it moved to your all topics list. Now, it will go back to the topic group it was previously placed in.

Un-pin Typetalk topic gif

Why the change?

This makes pinning topics temporarily more convenient. It encourages users to put important topics up front and center while working and then return it to its regular group when priorities change.

Also, because there is almost no case when a user would temporarily pin a topic and want to return the topic to a different topic group, we’ve also removed the other topic group options from the menu simplifying and expediting the pinning/unpinning process. When you’re ready to unpin, you’ll see only one option, as shown below.

Unpin from top button

If you DO want to move the topic from a pinned topic to another topic group, you can still drag & drop the topic to the topic group of your choosing.

Please note: This change applies to newly pinned topics only. If you previously pinned a topic that did not belong to a topic group before, it will return to your all topics list as before.

Same goes for our mobile apps

Typetalk for Android and iOS will adopt the same changes. Just upgrade to the latest version to use it.

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