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Have you experienced connection problems while using Nulab services and not known what the cause is?
Would you prefer to learn more about the system performance of our services before signing up for them?
We hear you! Now, you can check the uptimes and downtimes for all Nulab services at our brand new service status site!

Prior to this, users who run into problems while using our services are unable to easily identify if the problem is with our server or if it is with their local environment, such as a poor network connection. While we do announce server issues on our Twitter accounts and product websites, we also understand that these information are not always communicated in real time. Our new status site resolves this problem by allowing server failure events to be registered automatically from our monitoring system. This would enable users to find out about issues occurring on our servers as soon as they happen. 

The status site was created during the Nulab Developer Camp 2014.
It is our first website built on golang –  a programming language initially developed by Google in 2007. It has become very popular lately because it is fast and light (low memory usage). Open platform Docker is also written in golang. As many of you may know, Nulab developers are always keen to try new things. Thus it is hard not to let them try out a new language or technology! Nulab Service Status site creator and Backlog development team leader Mr. Yamamoto shared his experience of using golang: ” I’ve used it for about a month to create and improve the status site. Now, it has become my second favorite programming language. I like its syntax, language design and ease of deployment. golang is great for making command-line tools and simple web applications.”.

“Publishing our service status to the public encourages us to work harder. Our goal of course is to achieve 100% uptime, but sometimes unexpected problems occur and we want to let our users know about them quickly.” Mr. Yamamoto commented. “As soon as the monitoring system detects any interruptions or problems in our services, it will send details of the problem to the status site.”

If you experience any problems on our services, please check our status site! When you see a character moving extra fast, that means it has detected some problems, though we do hope you will never have to witness that. 

What are your thoughts and feedback on our new status site? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!

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