Find the diagram you need faster with new ‘Favorite Diagrams’ feature

Have you ever had trouble finding your favorite diagrams in Cacoo? Until now, your options for finding a diagram were though the keywords search feature and the owner filter. They were pretty helpful, but we wanted to provide you with more powerful functions to make sure you never miss an important diagram template again.

We are excited to announce two new features in Cacoo: “Favorited” and “Recent” diagrams.

“Favorited” and “Recent” Diagrams

As you create more diagrams, your list of diagrams can start to become unruly.


No one wants to spend eternity sifting through long lists of diagrams, especially when you’re using a select few over and over again. Your most used and most recent diagrams should be easy to get to, right? Right. And now they are!

Star or un-star your favorites

Keep track of your top diagrams using our new “Favorited” feature. Star any diagram that you want to access more easily, and it will automatically be added to your Favorited list.



No longer need one of your Favorites? Un-star the diagram, and it’s just as easily removed.

Start or un-star any diagram on your Diagram list page, Diagram preview page, or Viewer.


Revisit recently viewed diagrams

Even if you don’t star a diagram, if you’ve opened it in the Diagram Detail page or editor in the past two weeks, it will now show up in your “Recent” list.

With these two new features, accessing the diagram you need is easier than ever before. What diagrams do you find yourself returning to over and over again?

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