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GDS Link Asia is the Asia office of GDS Link, a global risk management solutions company that originated in Dallas, Texas in the U.S. They offer technology solutions, analytics, and consulting services for financial institutions. Based in Makati City (Philippines) and spearheading operations for Asia, GDS Link Asia builds solutions for clients such as the Philippine National Bank and the Land Bank of the Philippines.

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Executive Summary

GDS Link Asia was using email and spreadsheets to manage requests and bug fixes with their clients, but details were getting easily lost in the shuffle. Backlog provided an organized and easy-to-use hub for all information, and its collaboration features greatly enhanced client workflow and relations. Thanks to this increased efficiency, they were able to reduce their average open time on tickets by over 100%.


When Anton Carreon, Project General Manager and Coordinator at GDS Link Asia,  joined the company about 7 years ago, they were using email, spreadsheets, and another bug tracking tool in their software development and testing work. However, spreadsheets were proving difficult to update and keep accurate and their bug tracking tool was too bloated, providing a variety of features that were unnecessary for them.

They needed a simple issue tracking tool where clients could easily submit feedback and developers could collaborate with them. During their search, they found Backlog.

How Backlog helped

GDS Link Asia loved how easy it was to get their clients onboard with Backlog, especially clients like financial institutions that typically have very strict policies to safeguard their IT networks. 

Since Backlog requires no software installation — it’s accessible via a web browser — their clients only needed to ask their IT departments to whitelist the URLs to allow Backlog to be accessed from their offices. 

“Security-wise, our clients liked Backlog and they subscribed to it fairly easily. So, it’s been a great plus for us, actually.” — Anton Carreon, Project General Manager and Coordinator at GDS Link Asia.

Aside from clients, the company’s developers, system analysts, management, and administration staff have started using Backlog too. The ability to share complex information quickly and easily, greatly improved their collaboration process.

One aspect this improved was their ability to share files. While working on a product in the UAT (user acceptance testing) phase, they tend to share a large number of screenshots and files for addressing fixes. They find sharing easy and the amount of storage space available adequate for their projects. 

They also appreciate that Backlog has mobile versions that makes it convenient for taking and submitting screenshots on issues while working on the go. 

Moreover, retrieving information on Backlog, whenever they need to create documentation and release notes, is easy with the Search Issues function. 


Previously, it took about three days to close a normal priority ticket. Now, closing tickets usually takes less than a day. Because all of the information they need is consolidated in Backlog and their developers are able to get notifications and collaborate with clients on the same platform, their workflow is more organized and efficient.

GDS Link Asia plans to use Backlog to manage more aspects of their operations with features like Wiki, Gantt charts, and Git version control.

“So far, it’s meeting all of our needs and exceeding our expectations immensely, so really, we’re really thankful that we’ve found Backlog.” — Anton Carreon, Project General Manager and Coordinator at GDS Link Asia.

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