Conversations in Tech: UX Research and Anthropology

Conversations in Tech is a live video podcast (via YouTube and Facebook Live) where we interview professionals in the tech industry to learn more about their work, experiences, and how they’ve become who they are today. Viewers can ask questions during the show and have them answered by our guest speakers.

UX Research and Anthropology

In this episode, we invited Crystal Tan, UX Researcher at Seedly, to be our guest on the show.

About Crystal Tan:
Crystal has been in the craft of understanding humans for as long as she can remember. In her words, she’s a “UX researcher in title, anthropologist at heart.” Her passion led her to the humanities, where she fell in love with sociology and specialized in social anthropology. In her spare time, she conducts ethnographic research on issues such as “How do people navigate the spaces in a library?” and “What do people seek to accomplish in a Starbucks?” and writes up her findings/insights on her Medium. Currently, at Seedly, a personal finance portal for millennials and young adults, she works on various research projects while adapting her ethnographic approaches into agile sprints.

In our podcast conversation, Crystal shared about her role, the types of projects she handles, how she works with her team members, how she automates part of the research process to save time, and a lot more — Crystal also fields questions from the audience such as over-coming budget/time constraints in research, how the training/mindset of anthropology helped her in her work, her advice for learning UX and the resources that helped her.

There are many great insights and responses from Crystal; a summary here isn’t enough, so please watch the episode!

We want to thank Crystal for being our guest and sharing her experience, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors. And also, thank you to our live viewers for joining us and asking great questions! (Sorry, we couldn’t cover all the questions within the time.)

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