An easy way to add sticky notes in bulk

Sticky notes are a great way to record ideas and essential information. They’re so popular that we wanted to make them easier to access and add rapidly. Now, you can quickly add sticky notes without having to drag and drop a new sticky note each time.

How to quickly add sticky notes

If you are adding sticky notes in bulk, you can now add them via the Tool menu.

To add a sticky note:

  1. Go to Tool menu > Sticky Note.
  2. A sticky note creation modal will pop up. Input your text and press Enter or Add to post the sticky note on the diagram.
  3. Select X to close or exit the modal.

After you add a sticky note, the creation modal will remain, so you can continue to input additional sticky notes quickly.

Sticky note function in Cacoo

You can also use the following shortcuts:

  • Press Enter to post a sticky note.
  • Press Shift + Enter for a line break.
  • Press Shift + Tab to switch sticky notes color.

Once all stickies are added, you can further manage their styles and text formatting by selecting the notes and editing them via the editor menu.

Learn everything you could know about sticky notes in our support article.

Sticky note uses

Here are some ways to make full use of sticky notes in Cacoo.

Color-coded notes

With the various colors offered in the sticky notes tool, you can visually organize your information into categories or priorities.


Brainstorm and develop ideas with your team using sticky notes. You can organize them into a mind map or use Cacoo as an online whiteboard.

Project planning & review

Sticky notes are an excellent tool for creating Kanban boards, daily standups, retrospectives, flowcharts, and storyboards. Visualize progress at a glance, so team members can quickly add or move items in the diagram.

Give the new sticky note feature a try today! And see all of our product updates on our blog.

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