"Don't do it perfectly, do it seriously."

"With teamwork, it makes NUwork."

Masanori Hashimoto, Co-founder & CEO

Shinsuke Tabata, Co-founder & CMO

  • Masanori, Nulab's CEO
  • Shinsuke, Nulab's CMO

Collaborative Effort

We believe that innovation is not born from the genius of one but from the effort of many. Teamwork is indispensable in the creation of great works, that includes our software.

Nulab developers work together
The Nulab team has diverse talents and real transparency

Diverse Talents

Diversity unlocks innovation and drives growth. We combine our unique experiences and perspectives to make the best products possible.

Real Transparency

From company roadmap to daily tasks, we promote transparency across every aspect of our business. What we know you know.

Nu Benefits & Perks

Competitive Salary

Full Health Coverage

Annual Trip To Japan

Paid Vacation

Pick Your Machine

Team Happy Hours

Free Books

Free Metrocards