Backlog & Typetalk

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Backlog & Typetalk

Create Backlog tasks from Typetalk tags

Select messages and use them to create a new Backlog task right from Typetalk. Quickly import the tagged messages into a new Backlog task.
Create Backlog tasks from Typetalk tags

Add Typetalk tags to Backlog tasks, comments, and wikis

Each tag you use in Typetalk has its own URL. Paste that URL into Backlog, and all messages with that tag will display in a chat viewer.

Get Backlog project updates in a dedicated Typetalk topic

Receive Typetalk notifications on updates to Backlog issues, wikis, files, and pull-requests, as well as mentions in issues and comments.

Preview Backlog issues in Typetalk

When you share an issue URL in a Typetalk topic, users can hover over the link to view details.

Add webhooks for Backlog activity

Set up a simple webhook, and your team will get notified about additional Backlog events right in Typetalk.

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