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Brand guidelines


This guide outlines the do’s and don’ts of using the Nulab, Cacoo and Backlog logos.
Nulab logo


When using our logo, ensure it is clearly visible by surrounding it with a padding the x-height of the “n” as shown below. This space should be clear of type, graphics and other ‘busy” visual elements.
Nulab Logo with padding


In a horizontal row, logos should be top and bottom aligned to the text baselines in the logotype.
Nulab Logo with alignment


There is a unique favicon for the company and each product that appears on every related website.

Logo Do's

Our company and product logos should be used for development and marketing purposes ONLY. You can download individual logos in PNG. If you need EPS format, please contact .

If needed, you can use the gray (#BBBDBF) version of our logos. A hover that reveals the full logo color should be added when possible.

Cacoo LogoBacklog LogoNulab Pass Logo

Logo Don'ts

To maintain Nulab’s brand identity, it is important to adhere to the logo guidelines described above.
Please note that you are NOT allowed to do the following:
  • Use our logos as your own
  • Create a modified version of our logos
  • Integrate our logos into your logo
  • Animate or add special effects to our logos
  • Change the colors, dimensions, or add your own text or images to our logos

General Info

By using Nulab Inc. logos, you agree to follow these branding guidelines, our Terms of Service, and all policies. Nulab reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change permissions in these guidelines at any time. For further information about the use of Nulab logos, please contact