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Chat app Typetalk becomes free for teams of all sizes during Coronavirus crisis

April 01, 2020

To support teams working remotely amidst the COVID-19 emergency, Nulab is offering its chat app for free for three months.

Starting today, Nulab will be offering chat app Typetalk for free for a three-month period to support startups and organisations forced to close their offices due to the Coronavirus crisis. 

The global pandemic has taken many workers and businesses by surprise, making real-time collaborative software a necessity to re-organize the workflow of entire companies.

Nulab creates tools specifically designed to help remote teams improve their productivity, manage tasks, and communicate better and effectively with co-workers. With the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company decided to do their part and help individuals and businesses communicate more easily while reinventing their workflow organization.

“Public health and workers’ safety need to be everyone’s priority right now. We believe that practising social distancing is critically important. As a matter of fact, all our employees have been working remotely for several weeks now,” comments Shinsuke Tabata, CMO of Nulab. 

“In the past years,” Mr. Tabata continues, “remote working has become a growing trend. It has many benefits, but it also has its challenges. Our company’s primary goal is to design software that enhance remote collaboration and communication. And now more than ever, staying connected with others – co-workers, family, friends – is crucial to face together this emergency. These are difficult times that may endanger the business activities of organisations of all sizes, especially small ones. For us, making Typetalk available to everyone for free was a natural choice, coherent with our business mission. It’s our way to support companies and workers and say ‘we are in this together’.”

To use Typetalk for free, people will need to visit the app’s website and register with an email. Typetalk support teams with up to 500 users.

About Nulab

Founded in 2004 in Japan, Nulab creates productivity software used by over 4 million people in over 190 countries. The company has offices in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Kyoto, and its headquarter in Fukuoka. 

Nulab’s products include the online project management and bug tracking software Backlog, the cloud-based diagramming software Cacoo, and the chat app Typetalk

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