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WebAuthn now available on all Nulab’s software

July 11, 2019

Customers of Nulab can log in to their accounts by using WebAuthn. 

International company Nulab has enabled support for WebAuthn on all of its collaborative software: project management tool Backlog, cloud-based diagramming software Cacoo, and chat app Typetalk.  

Adopted as an official web standard by the World Wide Web Consortium in March 2019, WebAuthn is a new web API that remarkably increases the level of security of online user authentication. 

Rather than using a password, users verify their identities with public-key cryptography or biometric scan. 

“Nulab aims to be always at the forefront of security solutions. As soon as WebAuthn became a web standard, we decided to adopt it. So far, we are among the few companies that have done so,” said Shinsuke Tabata, Co-founder and CMO of Nulab. “WebAuthn will provide our customers with a faster and highly secure login experience with all our software. Password-less authentication will inhibit advanced phishing attacks, credential theft, and account takeovers.” 

“Our users will receive a private-public key pair for logging in to their accounts,” he continues. “The keys will be used for asymmetric encryption: once the private key is utilized by the customer, along with a fingerprint or a PIN, the public key safely stored in our servers will be used to validate her or his identity. The bottom line is that our software is safer than ever, and the protection of our users’ identity and data stronger than ever.”

WebAuthn is just the latest of several measures and policies that Nulab offers to protect its customers’ data and identities, others include the encryption of all HTTP connections by SSL and Malware Protection. 

About Nulab

Founded in 2004 in Japan, Nulab creates productivity software used by over 4 million people in over 190 countries. The company has offices in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka. 

Nulab’s products include the online project management and bug tracking software Backlog, the cloud-based diagramming software Cacoo, and the chat app Typetalk

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