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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for April 2019

Release Information

April showers bring May flowers, and we’ve got lots of updates from April to shower on you today!


  • On desktop: Checklists are easier to click and Slack channels are easier to find when setting up your Backlog integration.
  • On the iOS and Android apps: there is a new push notification and an easier way to use Backlog with Safari.


  • On the iOS and Android apps: there’s a new push notification when a user is added to a project.
  • For our Japanese users: you can now search for users using their romaji spelling instead of kana.


  • Checklists are easier to click: No need to perfectly click the little checkbox, just click anywhere on the text next to it, and your box will check/uncheck
  • Slack channels are easier to find: When choosing a Slack channel while setting up your Backlog integration, channels are now sorted alphabetically.
  • On the iOS app: The Backlog app now shares credentials with the mobile Safari app. That means when you’re logged into Safari, you won’t need to reenter your login credentials for Backlog.
  • Accessibility in personal settings


  • Minor bug fixes, including some usability issues with issue templates when continuously adding issues.

We’ll be sharing product updates here each month, so stay tuned. And May the force be with you this month!

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