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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for February & March 2020

Release Information

If you’re stuck inside like the rest of us, we hope these app updates for Backlog will help brighten your day.


  • Your Project Home page looks a little different, Boards are loading faster than ever, and we’ve addressed a vulnerability issue for Enterprise users.


  • Backlog for Android: The latest version lets you log in using WebAuthn (if you have a Nulab Account.)


  • Project Home: The right side of your Project Home page, which contains the Status breakdown, Burndown chart, and list of Milestones,  is now wider, making it easier to read and see updates at a glance. We have also reordered things a bit.
  • Boards: The loading performance for Boards has been significantly improved.
  • Wiki: Previously, if 2 people edited a wiki and tried to save them without reloading to include the other person’s changes an error occurred. This has been solved with a three-way merge, which means that as long as people are editing separate rows, no error will occur.
  • Emoji dropdown: We’ve made the emoji dropdown much easier to navigate. You can now: close the dropdown with the “esc” button, select emojis with the “tab” button, and go throw the emoji dropdown list with Ctrl+N for next or Ctrl+P.
  • Issue Template: You can set Issue templates via API. Plus, a new icon lets you know when an Issue Type has a template set in the Add Issue and Edit Issue screens.
  • Image sizing and zoom functionality: Previously, when an image was added to an issue or wiki they were very large. We’ve made uploaded images smaller and added a zoom functionality — just click on the image!


  • Backlog Enterprise: The latest version 1.10.13 addresses the Apache Tomcat vulnerability. For more information about the vulnerability, please check out the security update here: Apache Tomcat 9.x vulnerabilities-Fixed.

We hope your extra time indoors runs a little smoother with these improvements.

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