1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for January and February 2022

Release Information

2022 is well underway, and we’re eager to see what else lies ahead. For now, let’s enjoy a round of exciting Backlog updates.


  • Enhance your comments with a laugh, smile, or thumbs-up from the Google Emoji font. We switched from Apple Emojis.


  • Try out Google Emojis in comments: We replaced Apple Emojis with the Google Emoji font in text boxes.
  • Git Webhook IPs: New Backlog Git Webhook IPs have been added.


  • Watch button behavior improved: When you hover the cursor over the Watch button, it becomes highlighted. If you select Watch, the button remains highlighted until you choose the option to Unwatch the task.
  • Easier to invite new users: Now, there’s no more confusion when adding users to the team. We improved the dialog for default team and guest user invitations, making it easier to understand the teams that are automatically added.
  • Link text improved: We made it possible to escape a colon in link text so that URLs containing a colon are displayed correctly.
  • Apache update: We updated Apache Log4J version to 2.17.1.
  • Removed @slackbot from selectable drop-down: Now, @Slackbot does not appear in the “Channel or Direct Message” option of Slack notification settings.
  • Archived channels are hidden: We made Slack notifications less cluttered. Archived channels are no longer visible in channel selection but are still accessible by search.


  • The Emoji input suggestion feature wasn’t working correctly. Input text would remain in the text box after users selected the Emoji suggestion.
  • We fixed a vulnerability in the file upload function in the API.
  • We fixed a vulnerability in the CSV export feature.
  • Issue keys weren’t rendering as links.
  • In the Classic plan, loading wouldn’t stop when users opened the Gantt chart as a Viewer.

With the rest of the year stretching ahead, we’re excited to see all the ways your team will put our product to good use.

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