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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for June 2022

Release Information

Ready to dive into the second half of 2022? We are, and we’re celebrating the occasion with a fresh round of Backlog updates.


  • Never miss out on important information now that the changes to edited comments can be viewed in the Recent Updates.


  • See the most recent comment changes: When viewing a comment in Recent Updates, any edits will be displayed when you hover the cursor over the issue key.
  • Navigate to your projects: In the user profile settings page, the projects you participate in are now displayed together at the top.
  • See the active team: In the user profile settings page, if the user is participating in a project as a team, a tooltip is now used to show which team is participating in the project.


  • Improved header: Header items are now pinned to the top of the screen when scrolling on the list page.
  • Subject line adjustments: The subject line is now wrapped so that it’s easy to see even if the screen size of the pull request list page is small.
  • Better UI visibility: We improved Backlog UI elements to make the boundaries of each element easier to see even in high contrast mode.
  • Git tags list: We added pagination to the Git tag list screen.
  • Git tag order: For the Git function, we changed the display order in the tag selection box to the update order of tags.
  • Backlog for Android: We added support for checklist in Backlog notation.
  • Git SSH keys: We changed the Git repository so that the SSH public key used to access it via SSH cannot be newly registered as a DSA key.
  • Updated algorithm: We added diffuse-hellman-group14-sha256 and curve25519-sha256 to the key exchange algorithms that can be used for SSH access to Git repositories.
  • Branch filtering: The textbox for filtering was adjusted to be displayed whenever there are two or more branches in the branch selection box on the pull request addition screen.
  • Improved print function: When printing an issue detail page, the project name is now visible.
  • Improved Wiki function: When opening the Formatting Rules in the Wiki preview, you may make a mistake. To make the error easy to eliminate, the dialog that was displayed in full screen is displayed as a normal dialog.


  • We fixed an issue where icons and date-time text would overlap and become difficult to read in notifications and watchlists.
  • We fixed an issue where some dark modes were not applied to the pop-up that appeared when hovering over a link of an issue key.
  • Emoticons weren’t rendering in the Backlog My Report.
  • We fixed a bug in the Android app where changing the start date and due date would make these values ​​empty.
  • A bug caused a URL to display incorrectly if the URL on the Backlog notation contained emoticons.
  • We fixed a bug that caused the attached file tag to work incorrectly if the attachment name was the same as the issue key.
  • We fixed a vulnerability where the API couldn’t upload a file with a file size of 2^10 bytes
  • The submit button couldn’t be clicked in the User Information of the Personal Settings of the classic plan.

Enjoy the rest of the summer! Fall is right around the corner, and we’ll be back with another round of updates before you know it.

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