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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for March and April 2022

Release Information

Spring is finally here to chase away the chilly winter weather. Enjoy these exciting Backlog updates while you welcome the warm days and sunny skies ahead.


  • Backlog Enterprise releases two new versions, including security improvements to the Apache HTTP Server.


  • Enterprise 1.11.9 is out: The newest version includes an update to Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.53.
  • Enterprise 1.11.8 released: This version includes improvements to file upload and export features.
  • Option to restrict functionality: With desktop and mobile versions of Backlog, users can now enable or disable the use of Wikis and shared files for each project.


  • File Browser design update: We improved the File Browser user interface in the Android app so that the floating action button won’t overlap the context button.
  • Search box results menu improved: Now, when you enter a search query into the “Search this Space” box, the results appear in a dropdown menu. We changed it from a slide-in menu.
  • Notification of 100-attribute limit: We added an error message to let users know when they exceed the maximum number of custom issue attributes.
  • Members page improved: We improved page loading when viewing “Project Settings > Members.”


  • Due to a server error, some files in the Git repository could not be previewed.
  • In the Android app, files containing multibyte characters failed to upload.
  • Some types of SSH public keys could not be registered.
  • We fixed minor bugs in the iOS app.
  • When multiple Backlog tabs were open in the browser, the unread status of the notification panel did not update until the browser was reloaded.
  • There was a bug when specifying the issue key in [[]] in Wiki Markdown format. The link didn’t open the issue page.

Summer isn’t far away, so now’s the time to spring into action and check off a few items on your yearly to-do list. Until our next round of updates: good luck with your goals for the rest of the year!

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