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  1. Release notes
  2. Release notes for October, November, December 2021

Release Information

The end of 2021 couldn’t come quickly enough for most and the same goes for this exciting batch of Backlog updates.


  • There’s a new integration with Microsoft Teams and a new help button right in the global bar.


  • Microsoft Teams Integration: Integrate Backlog with Microsoft Teams today!
  • Enterprise 1.11.7 is out: The newest version includes major fixes for Log4j vulnerabilities.
  • Always find help: We added a new help button to the global bar.


  • Show/hide sidebar on iPad: Hide the sidebar and get more screen space when working on iPad.
  • Link to Issue Keys in the Subject box: If you add an issue key to the subject, it will create a link to that issue right in the title.
  • See all comments faster: For issues with over 400 comments, you’ll see a new ‘Expand all’ button to quickly access all comments at once.
  • Remove branches on pull requests: When using pull requests, you can use the X box to remove a branch.
  • New mention shortcuts for iOS: When selecting from a list of @mentions, you can now use the Enter or Space key to select the first item.
  • Git SSH: We now support rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 on Git SSH protocol.
  • Webhooks authorization: Added Authorization header to webhook.
  • There’s a new activity API: Check out the new “Get Activity” API.
  • Embedding Cacoo diagrams in dark mode: We now support dark mode when embedding the Cacoo dialog in a Wiki.
  • New displays for Android users: We now support tablet display and landscape display.
  • Easier to see your projects on iOS: Admins select to see only their project or all projects.
  • Stopped support iOS 12 and older: The oldest iOS version we support is now iOS 13.
  • Git revisions: You can now show a revision of Git repository of other project using #rev description


  • Users couldn’t disable priorities, versions, and milestones when creating new projects.
  • The calendar UI was hidden by the autocomplete view and could not be manipulated.
  • Certificates were deleted when accessing from an unauthorized address when restricted by IP address.
  • The capacity usage bar was not displaying even when capacity was exceeded.
  • Users could not be invited from the plus button on the global bar.
  • Automatic comment saving wasn’t always working on iOS.
  • Some text was difficult to distinguish in “Text Formatting Rules”.
  • There was an error when saving a wiki using multiple tags with the same name.
  • There was a vulnerability found for Apache Log4j.

Hope your team had a happy and safe new year! The best of 2022 is yet to come.

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